Bobo In Wonderland

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Bobo In Wonderland

Oh Hello, from a (usually) Sunny California. Don’t be fooled by my skin-bearing dress. The weather in LA has reached unbearable, practically subzero temperatures and has ushered out all the Angeleno’s back into their houses … or cars, to be more accurate. At this point, in all of my Vegan-ness, there’s no amount of avocado oil or water consumption to keep my skin and elbows hydrated (Sigh).

So anyway, because a H*e never gets cold, I scampered about in my not-really-covering-too-much-at-the-top dress, courtesy of Cleva Collections, and created a whimsical, but always Afrocentric, shoot.

Anyway, there we have it. Bobo in Wonderland.

So, I took off to a quaint little garden in Little Tokyo with photography extraordinaire Mark, and we snapped away. Thankfully, the weather had left the garden empty and quiet, and I’m quite pleased with the results.

Dress // Cleva Collections
Photography // Mark
Hair & Makeup // Me

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