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Some of you may already know that I’ve migrated away from the West Coast in search of new adventures, greater career prospects, and of course better bae prospects Sips Tea. That being said, I’m really quite excited to share with you my very last shoot in LA, with one of my fave designers in London, Ife’s Closet, together with the photography + makeup power duo, Tiffany and Nisié.

Let’s turn our attention to the quaint streets of Pasadena on a lazy Sunday evening that began with an eclectic splash of colour and ended with the last glimmer of sunset in a random backyard, as we desperately tried to capture what was left of the day without getting caught for trespassing.

We succeeded.

I could honestly go on for days about what a perfect marriage of vintage and Afrocentric, Ife’s Closet is. The eclectic prints offset by the femininity of her designs is timeless. But then again, I feel like that’s the kind of woman Ife’s Closet aims to embody. The woman who asserts herself, unapologetically and is unfazed by the unsolicited attention that inevitably ensues with that level of confidence and intelligence.

How Perfect.

Photography: Tiffany Jewels
Makeup: Nisié Cyprianna
Designer: Ife’s Closet
Styling + Creative Direction: Bobo

Also, A Massive thank you goes out Nisié and Tiffany, who are such a bomb Makeup and Photography duo! If you ever need to get a shoot done, definitely hit them up – they’re literally Magical. Here’s the link to Tiffany’s fb page: 🙂

Shop The Looks Here:

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