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It’s amazing how much can change in a year. Seriously, the last time I returned to the Motherland … or to be more specific, The Mother City, was a year ago, and back then, I was a completely different person. It’s refreshing to set foot on familiar ground with new eyes, but it’s even more refreshing to return to my rightful space: To eat home-cooked meals. To breathe non-polluted air. Oh my gosh I could go on for days.

But this time, it was kind of weird (In the best way possible though), cause I returned a completely different person. As in, I had everyone wondering who is this newly graduated, hyper-feminist, socially-aware, hella-spiritual, plant-eating vegan who still claims to be an African and reads Osho in her free time? Tbh, I’m still trying to figure out the answer to that question.

So, in the midst of contemplating my existential transformation, I thought I’d take a break and actually go make some friends… and make some Art while I’m at it. Which brings me back to why social media is one of the greatest inventions of our generation. Although my social presence has deceived an alarming amount of people into thinking I’m an extroverted, social butterfly, anyone who truly knows me, knows I’m just a bit too awkward to make friends in real life, the way real people do. So, I took to Instagram (as one does), and I hesistantly posted a picture asking if any creatives were down to collaborate, and to my relief, it ended up really well!

I ended up meeting the amazingly talented Cape-Tonian fashion blogger Abongwe and her equally talented photographer-friend-extraordinaire Nymless, and we took to Cape Town’s most colourful spots. It was great. To my surprise, the Cape winds were quite forgiving, and allowed us to have a flawless shoot (Minus the blistering heat). We managed to get some really cool shots in Cape Town’s most vibrant neighborhood, Bokaap, before my make-up melted off my face.

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