Plants On Pink

Afrocentric, Art, Collaborations

So after enduring half a semester of stressing about the woes of being an emerging adult, I finally got in front of the camera, and omg was it therapeutic!

I had been feigning to co-create, so I got together with these two amazing artists, Josie and Cat, and we turned my apartment into a studio, and created some really dope images!

Look 1

Look 2

I’ve been inspired to redefine the ‘African aesthetic,’ just because a lot of the times we either see it appropriated in white culture, as a fleeting trend or fashionable moment, or we see it in the context of Ankara/West African prints, but very rarely are we exposed to a different narrative. So I wanted to create something that would evoke an Afrocentric tone, but in a more unconventional way, and in a way that speaks more to who I am.

Look 3

So there we have it, have a look and let me know what you think, and check out Josie and Cat on the gram!



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