African Baby With Blue Eyes

African Baby With Blue Eyes. Feast your baby blues upon this fun fact: And while it's true that many babies have blue or gray many think that black people with blue or green eyes are wearing coloured contact lenses.

Blue eyed African American twins | Kids hairstyles girls … from

Risikat blue eyes turn national mata afta tori land say her husband abandon her and her two pikins sake of dia eye colour, sometin wey im don deny. Babies with blue eyes likely have caucasian parents or ancestors. Adorable six month baby in diaper.

Its all pigment and african baby can also be born looking white!

Two caucasian girls and african american boy waiting for their sweets. Adorable blonde baby standing isolated on white background. Over time her eyes have gotten lighter and lighter. There are many pics on the web of indians (indian subcontinent) and africans who have this condition.

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