Little Boy Mohawk Haircuts

Little Boy Mohawk Haircuts. For added pomp, keep your hair little longer. The freedom of adding a design to your kid's hairstyle makes them even cooler.

20 Awesome and Edgy Mohawks for Kids from

Take a peek at these short and long little boy hairstyles that'll make your youngster look lively. Majestic little boy haircuts this hairstyle named as sponge for hair is a recent addition to the hairstyles list of the african american black little boys. Your little gentleman will surely fall in love with mohawk haircuts if you get him one perfect for his personality.

Here, the side of the head is faded away and the top of the head is decorated with curls like a sponge.

While it is versatile, it is certainly a version of a mohawk. We've had the fauxhawk, now it's time we took a look at the real thing. So what do you have in store for him? It has a unique flowing quality to it that will allow him to head bang away while he is listening to.

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