Star Wars Baby Chewbacca

Star Wars Baby Chewbacca. Posts / comments can be removed under mods discretion. Wars fans have only ever been treated to one wookiee youngling in the clone wars, and in the star wars holiday special from 1978, chewbacca's son lumpy was featured as an adolescent, but neither had the appeal of baby yoda.

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In the super nintendo super star wars games, chewbacca is listed as being eight feet tall, 200 years old and originating from the planet kazhyyyk, an early way chewbacca and han solo appeared in the ambiguously canon scenario for star wars miniatures, the theft of vader's helmet, in which they. The hasbro star wars hoth chewbacca action figure comes with a flashback photo card from star wars: Baby yoda is fine, but these 10 other star wars babies are better. Isn't baby chewwie just the cutest ever…

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