Welcome To The World Baby Card

Welcome To The World Baby Card. Thanks mommy for carryung this long in your tommy. Welcome to the world baby, name.

Welcome To The World Baby Girl Card | Zazzle
Welcome To The World Baby Girl Card | Zazzle from rlv.zcache.com

Congratulations on your little princess. On a baby card, you can direct your message to the parent(s), to the whole family or even to the baby. Welcome to the world baby card.

Kraft card is made from 100% recycled paper and colours may vary.

Down below are the links to all the stamps and dies i used hope you liked it! With modifications or to create derivative works. Welcome baby, to the world and the hearts of those who love you may all the years ahead be blessed as angels watch above you may you grow strong and confident with loving hearts beside you and may you find a bright new world where happy dreams will guide you. (elmwood springs, #1) as want to read you'd have to be a stone to read welcome to the world, baby girl! without laughing and crying.

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